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19 December 2012
Congratulations to Master Amorim, who received her 4th Dan Masters belt during her recent trip to Argentina, where she attended the Latin American Masters' Clinic.

Also, well done to Anél Naudé, who attained 3rd place for Hyungs at the Latin American Championships.

Tang Soo!!!
30 November 2012
Important Notice / Belangrike Kennisgewing:

Dear Parent/Guardians/Students

Please note that as of 3rd of December to the 20th, our class times will change for the December holidays, as per various discussions and feedback from students/parents. The classes will run as follows:

Week 1: December 3rd to 7th

    Monday/Wednesday 15h00 to 16h00: Amalgamated Youth/Karate Kid class

Week 1, 2 and 3: December 3rd to 20th

    Mondays/Wednesdays 17h00 to 18h00: Amalgamated Youth/Karate Kid classes

    Tuesdays/Thursdays 16h30 to 17h30: Amalgamated Youth/Karate Kid classes

    Tuesdays/Thursdays 17h45 to 19h00: Adult Classes

If your normal class time is not available anymore, please feel free to use one of the classes available as stated above.

Please note that we close on Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th. Also, classes officially end on the 20th of December for the year. Classes will start again on the 9th of January 2013. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the studio

We here at the South African Tang Soo Do Academy wish everyone a very merry festive season. Tang Soo!!

Master Amorim


Geagte Ouers/Voogde/Studente

Neem asseblief kennis dat vanaf die 3de tot en met die 20ste Desember, sal ons klastye verander vir die Desembervakansie, soos bespreek met ouers/studente. Die klastye is soos volg:

Week 1: 3de tot 7de Desember

    Maandag/Woensdag 15h00 tot 16h00: Saamgesmeltde jeug- en Karate Kid klasse

Week 1, 2 en 3: 3de tot 7de Desember

Maandae/Woensdae 17h00 tot 18h00: Saamgesmeltde jeug- en Karate Kid klasse

    Dinsdae/Donderdae 16h30 tot 17h30: Saamgesmeltde jeug- en Karate Kid klasse

    Dinsdae/Donderdae 17h45 tot 19h00: Volwasse klasse

    Indien U normale klastyd nie meer beskikbaar is nie, kan U enige van die bogenoemde tye gebruik.

Neem asseblief ook kennis dat ons toe is op Maandag en Dinsdag die 10de en 11de, asook dat ons klasse offisieël eindig op Desember die 20ste. Klasse heropen weer op Januarie die 9de, 2013. Indien U enige navrae het, skakel gerus die studio.

Vanaf die South African Tang Soo Do Akademie, wens ons almal ‘n geseënde Kersfees en voorspoedige Nuwe Jaar. Tang Soo!!

Master Amorim.

22 November 2012
TSKKIA All-Styles South Africa Dan Testing - 17 November 2012
Well done all those who graded for their TSKKIA All-Styles Dan on Saturday.  The participants were Brandon Gainsford (WTSDA, Graded to TSKKIA Tang Soo Do - Cho Dan), Nick Naudé (WTSDA, Graded to TSKKIA Tang Soo Do - E Dan), Anél Naudé (WTSDA, Graded to TSKKIA Tang Soo Do - E Dan), Marius Neveling (WTSDA, Graded to TSKKIA Tang Soo Do - E Dan), Stephanus Koekemoer (WTSDA, Graded to TSKKIA Tang Soo Do - E Dan) and Casper Coetzee (TSKKIA, Graded to TSKKIA Shotokan - Ni Dan), Also, Congratulations to Owen Mc Cree, who has been awarded Roku Dan (6th Dan) for his MAC4P Grappling System.  A BIG Thanks to Senior Master Albert Venter (Shotokan Style Head), Master Veronica Amorim (Tang Soo Do Style Head) and Chief Instructor Morné Slabbert (Goju Ryu Style Head), who ran the Grading Panel.
12 October 2012
Dan Testing - 6 October 2012
Congratulations to Marius Neveling, Anél Naudé, Fanie Koekemoer and Lebogang Ramhago who graded to E Dan on Saturday. Also, congratulations to Brandon Gainsford who graded to Cho Dan, and we wish all the best to Nick Naudé, who will be testing in March 2013 for E Dan. A big Tang Soo Do-Thank you to Master Alex Goule, Sah Bum Nim Roberto Bovo, Bo Sah Bum Nim Alcino Muchate and David van Deventer who assisted. Tang Soo!!!
12 October 2012
Grandmaster Beaudoin Appointed Interim President
Grandmaster Shin will be missed by all who knew and loved him. No one person can replace the founder of our organization, but with great honor and pride members of the WTSDA will continue the legacy he gave to us.
We recognize the role KCN Shin played in leading and building the Association into a true world organization, but he would be the first to give credit to the loyal and dedicated Masters who have journeyed with him since its inception.
The Masters are determined and dedicated to continue Grandmaster Shin’s mission: to spread the martial art of World Tang Soo Do in hope of making the world a better place.
The Governance and Executive Committees have appointed Grandmaster Beaudoin as interim President to help chart the future course of the WTSDA. His portrait is now available to all studios.
It is imperative that we join together in keeping the WTSDA strong and unified as Grandmaster Shin would want us to do and to dedicate our energies to continue the mission of building the WTSDA into the very best martial art organization in the world.
WTSDA Banner
12 October 2012
The Website is now live!

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