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Leadership Weapons Program

Leadership Weapons Logo

Every class has the few students that shine really brightly. It might be in terms of personality, physical ability, reasoning skills, etc.  Whatever the gift, we here at the South African Tang Soo Do academy seek to develop these skills.  For this, we offer our Leadership Weapons Program.  With this program, we endeavour to develop the Leadership ability in our students.  This program builds a foundation for a Leader, by discussing and training qualities such as Social Skills, Teaching Ability, Speaking Skills.  Every week, the theme is centered around a certain topic, such as Diligence, Hard Work, Honesty, Integrity, etc.

To aid in this class, weapons are brought in as a teaching tool. This develops their physical technique alongside their mental focus and character growth.  Examples of weapons taught are the Korean Staff (Bong), Korean Cane (Ji-Pang-Ee), Wooden Sword, Nunchaku, Escrima Sticks, Sai, Sickle (Kama) and the Baton (Tonfa).  The classes are designed to be fun as well as educational.  The class format varies between lecture-types, debate, team challenges, as well as physical training.

Ranks are awarded according to the student's progress through the program, which runs for approximately 3 years.  12 ranks in total are awarded.  These ranks are seperate from the ranks obtained in Tang Soo Do training. Acceptance into this program is on the sole discretion of Master Amorim


Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Purple (Beginner)
Purple with 1 stripe
Purplel with 2 stripes
Purple with 3 stripes
Red (Intermediate)
Red with 1 stripe
Red with 2 stripes
Red with 3 stripes
Blue (Advanced)
Blue with 1 stipe
Blue with 2 stripes
Blue with 3 stripes

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